FenderQ is a hacker alias. In 1995 I was setting up my first Internet email account. The account fender was already taken so it recommended I use fenderq. My favourite guitar is a Fender Stratocaster.


My name is Steven Roberts. I am educated, experienced and multi-talented. You will find me actively producing software in the video game industry using my abilities as an artist, designer, musician and programmer. Producing excellent robust software from start to finish is what I know how to accomplish. Information security and system administration are my other areas of expertise.

Photograph of Steven Roberts



My first experience with video games was going to the video arcade in the early 80s. My goal producing video games is to create fun experiences for others to enjoy.


I have been creating music most of my life. People ask me how long I have been playing the guitar. I have composed, performed, recorded and taught music. Recently I have been producing soundtracks.


I was introduced to electronics in the early 80s by my Dad. My first Commodore VIC-20 got me started programming. This eventually led to a career. What keeps me motivated about technology is the potential for new ideas and the opportunity to learn.

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