pwp is a password manager.

Passwords can be generated, stored and retrieved.



SHA256 (pwp-2.2.0.tar.gz) = 8e5a8ca1a670469fc562bdd413b3e8e27cbb8cd9d7c6aa73213d51c9d75d97d0
SHA256 (pwp-2.2.0.tgz) = 88b29a4cfa48b9e4825d4dad0a59834676bed744a22073e511c8784db653400a
SHA256 (pwp-ports.tar.gz) = 70bdb33faa5ef75f242d0250a6e4be86337d2f5a0981e86b39648fd742ebc7ea

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What randomization method is used?

Randomization is based on arc4random.

2) Where is the documentation?

Documentation is provided in the pwp man page.

3) What license does pwp use?

The pwp utility uses the ISC license.

4) Which operating systems are supported?

The pwp utility is designed and tested to run on OpenBSD.

5) How secure are the passwords in the database?

Ultimately, only you can decide that. The following points are worth noting.