You must not wait for your dreams to come true. You must make your dreams come true. I make games for a living.


This magical journey started when I made my first commercial game Universe64. My reddit post how I lived my dream of making video games made gaming front page on release day.


Alkonost is an arcade asteroids clone. It was made during the summer, while working with Atari 2600 TIA audio chips. This game is inspired by arcade games I grew up with during the 80s.

There and Back Again

So far I have made games on my own, with teams, for companies and as a co-founder. I have made browser games, desktop games, mobile games and social games. I have worked on adventure games, bike games, christmas games, kids games, music games, pirate games, psychedelic games, puzzle games, shark games, space games, spider games, spy games, and vampire games.

Here are some screenshots ...

Arachnia Blood Type Free Rider Hush Intergalactic Space Pancake! Jake and the Never Land Pirates Lone Shark Mondrian Project Evilspy II Santa Smasher Scout's Music Seed Sing Along with Us! The Broken Brain Toddler Rhythms Universe64


The most important part for me is to express my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The music becomes its own reward.


My latest release is a chiptune LP titled Health, which consists of 14 songs produced in 28 days for February Album Writing Month. You can find my music for sale and download at


My introduction to music was with a guitar. I grew up with music in my family. I started playing in bands when I was a teenager. By the time I finished high school, I was teaching guitar at the local music store and playing live shows on stage.

My primary guitar gear consists of a Road Worn '50s Stratocaster with '65 Princeton Reverb amplifier, a Simon & Patrick Songsmith Parlor Sunburst, and a La Patrie Concert classical guitar. I am usually found playing blues or classical guitar around town.


When I started making video games I became fascinated by the production of electronic music. Much like the blues music I have experienced, I sense an emotional quality to analog synthesizer sounds.

I am currently using a Dave Smith Prophet '08 analog synthesizer, Renoise digital audio workstation and Roland drum machines to produce my soundtracks. Most of my tracks are inspired by chiptunes, electronic music artists, and retro video games.


The potential of new ideas and the opportunity to learn has kept me excited about technology all these years.



In 2007 I created the first fenderQbox, a custom tailored embedded wireless business solution. These are excellent for office networks. The ability to customize it for your business needs is one of its primary advantages. Monitoring your network traffic with packet filter statistics is just one of its many benefits.


I have been an OpenBSD user since 2001. It is a multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system. I use it to do my web hosting, DNS, mail etc. I am the creator of the release building shell script as well as the pwp password manager.


I started programming in BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20 in the early 80s. My work has been made possible by some of the following technical buzzwords. ActionScript, Adventure Game Studio, Apache Flex, C, C++, FlashPunk, Git, Go, Lua, LÖVE, Objective-C, OpenGL, Simple DirectMedia Layer and iOS SDK.


Please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

You can connect with me using social media, although email works best. My security keys can be used for secure communication.

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