Vintage Guitar Experience

By Steven Roberts

A cool mix if you like a vintage sound, feel, tone, and elegance.

I walked into the local music store one day, and the magic just happened. I saw it on the wall, and just had to give it a try, a Road Worn '50s Stratocaster. Using a '65 Princeton Reverb this guitar really came to life.

The Road Worn '50s Stratocaster with an alder body, and maple neck, feels lightweight, like it is in shape and all ready for action. It has 6105 jumbo frets, meaning it is great for string bending, keeping the tone, and sustain. The Tex-Mex pickups offer great response. You can be soft or hard on the strings and it reflects the feel you put in. Best way put, the pickups make the strings sound pure and warm. It comes with a classic 5-way switch and conventional tone/volume knobs. The tremolo system is perfect for those "Surf Rock" themes. Over the years I have really come to prefer the vintage style tuning machines, when putting on new strings, it makes it easier to string the guitar, so you do not have a sharp piece of string exposed. I own quite a few electric guitars, a lot of them are Stratocasters, this one is definitely my favourite. Something so basic done right, sets the foundation for everything. It really lets you explore who you are as a guitar player.

The '65 Princeton Reverb amp was the first amp I have ever owned that had a Speed/Intensity built in. It also comes with the best Reverb I have ever used. The Reverb built into this amp is classic, meaning it will sound exactly like those 60's bands/artists. Mix the Reverb with the Speed/Intensity and you have something to recreate all the James Bond/Spy movie themes. Having used external pedals in the past you really see why having it all built in really makes a difference. There is no lost tone, it mixes in perfectly, creating a final warm sound, keeping the guitar tone intact. The amp comes with a nice handy foot switch too for when you want to toggle the effects on or off. The volume of this amp, is perfect for practicing and in small clubs, it is quite amazing how well this amp keeps up with a band. Having it set around 8 (80% volume) makes the amp drive just perfect, all naturally. This amp only weights 34 lbs so you can carry it in one hand, with your guitar in the other. This makes jams and pub shows easy to get your gear into and setup.

If you like forms of Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock 'n' Roll, Surf Rock, or have a desire to play a guitar setup that helped create it all, you will not be disappointed with this.